We're programming by modern standards!


Before we start the project, our specialists will know your needs.


Our projects are based on the latest trends and information technologies.


Before handing over the product, we always make sure that our solutions work perfectly.


We will integrate the project with other systems operating in your IT environment.

Your own software is:

Customized software for your needs.
The highest diligence.
Comprehensive project implementation.
Planning, coding, implementation.

It is also the migration of existing software to new platforms.

  • pre-implementation analysis
  • process analyst
  • business analytics
  • programming
  • data migration
  • testing
  • implementation
  • training
  • consulting
  • technical assistance
  • service

Realize your business goals!

My zajmiemy się ich infrastrukturą informatyczną!

We will support the implementation of your IT project. Based on the SCRUM methodology, we will conduct it holistically or integrate ourselves into the analysis, design, implementation and post-implementation phase.

Outsourcing is a convenient solution that does not require you to have IT staff, recruiting process and costs associated with it.

Outsourcing of IT services is the access to IT teams/specialists, such as:

Business analysts
Project Managers
UX Designers


Digitizing the documents

Save time and place! We will convert paper documents into their electronic version, stored in digital form. The process is carried out at your premises or our company – depending on your needs!


  • Quick access to documents via a data repository,
  • Improve the security of stored documents by backing them up,
  • Quickly search for documents using defined indices.

In the process of digitization, we use high-tech devices, so that the digital recording is of the highest quality.

Digitization of the archive resources of District Labor Offices together with implementation for archiving systems. The service is available in three variants:

  1. Arrange and prepare documents,
  2. Digitization,
  3. Resource implementation for the “Digitization and Document Archiving” system by Sygnity S.A.

The mentioned services refer only to the personal files of the unemployed persons listed in the PUP records.

Dedicated applications

Are you keeping records of records, databases based on latest technologies or reporting systems?
Regardless of what they are called, we will adjust them to your individual needs.

What will we do?

  • We will prepare the pre-implementation analysis.
  • We will prepare a report with a specific direction of application development.
  • We will create an IT system that complies with the guidelines.
  • We will test the developed application.
  • We will implement the system.
  • We will educate the users.
  • We will provide the application service.

Integration of solutions

Integrate your existing IT programs into your single, consistent system.
Integration of programs is the ability to exchange data between them and use their resources (common data, files, devices).


  • Faster access to information (previously stored in different systems).
  • Streamlining communication within an organization.
  • Smooth implementation of ongoing business processes.
  • Use of common files (e.g. joint partners).
  • Extension the capabilities of data analysis and monitoring of processes
  • cost minimization.

IT Consulting

In IT, problem solving requires a detailed analysis, taking into account various external factors. It leads to the designation of an individual, strictly defined course of action.

Do you have a problem that you can not handle?

Contact us. Our adept staff, with many years of experience in the field of IT, will help you solve the most complex problems!

IT Project Management

Get a guarantee of the success of your IT project, i.e. achieving your target, at a certain time with your budget.
Each IT project, regardless of its specificity, requires a project manager who, while balancing discipline and flexibility, will ensure the best possible implementation of the project at all stages.

We are based on PRINCE2 methodology (FOUNDATION and PRACTITIONER level).

The PRINCE2 methodology is:

    • Taking into account equally the interests of 3 parties: business, suppliers and user.
    • Adoption of specific rules in the project.
    • Identifying roles in the project (with responsibility) and mutual relationships between them.
    • Breakdown of the project into stages.
    • Steering Committee at the highest level.
    • Change management.
    • Risk management.
    • Record keeping.

    Delivery of IT Infrastructure

    The service includes:

          • sales of all types of computer hardware such as servers, computers, notebooks, printers and scanners, network equipment, accessories and consumables, or software;
          • support for infrastructure planning;
          • equipment supply, installation and configuration;
          • performance tests.
              In an expanded version, we will provide infrastructure maintenance and ad-hoc technical support.

    Purchase of equipment and software is carried out on an individual basis.
    Lease or leasing available optionally.

    LAN, WLAN, WiFi

    We build networks both locally and internally. To maximize security, we strip local area networks using VPN technology. This gives you full security when you need to access the network resources of public institutions or companies from other buildings that have headquarters. We also build secure networks based on active devices and software from leading vendors or manufacturers.

    Interested in the offer? Any questions?